Like many great love stories before us, our story started after few drinks with a mutual friend. A big city home boy met a girl who’s on the run from herself in one of Indonesia’s beautiful islands. We say goodbye to the island life and went back to the almost sinking city, Jakarta.
Anyway, I think it’s better for you to read the Q&A below instead of hearing me babble.

The Husband.
The Wife.
The Story of our store.

Who are you guys?

Hi! My name is Meity, and that man, who is sitting in the corner playing with cables and knobs, is my husband, Firzi. We are the people behind Analog Couple.

What is Analog Couple?

In short, Analog Couple is a passion store that we started together early 2017. What started as a personal page for both of us became bigger when we realized that there is no synthesizer modular shop in Indonesia. Not that I mind the traveling, it just not practical (and yes, we’d rather spend the traveling cost on the products we’d like to have). We couldn’t be the only one who experienced it. Right? Right? Right?

So, we decided to make one.

Through this website, we sell hand-picked, high-quality music & photography equipments, both new & preowned conditions. Also, our garage is now transformed into the offline store and workshop studio, in case you want to stop by. If you are lucky, I’ll bake fresh cinnamon roll when you arrived.

Tell me more about you guys!

Firzi has his fair share with Tokove, a boutique music store and coffee shop, couple years ago. It was the place to hang out with music enthusiasts, having live music showcase, jam-session, trying out some gear, well, you get the idea. Tokove community actually produced some of Indonesia’s biggest artists today. He is also a reputable mixing engineer, singer/songwriter, and music producer. You can check his page to make sure of that. I, myself, was all over the place with absurd experiences as band manager, program producer, copywriter, freelance digital marketing consultant, and photography enthusiast.

What are you trying to do here?

We want to make you drool. Sorry, just kidding. What we are trying to do here is to make the equipments, ranging from synthesizer to sequencer, audio recording gear, analog photography, darkroom supplies, and many things in between, available for you. It’s hassle free, but since we need time to gather resources in getting all the products into our store, please be patient. So, if what you’re looking for is not here, let us know so we can help you to get it. We also accept trade-ins, fill in the contact form and we’ll get back at you as soon as we received the request.

What if I want to try before purchasing?

If you live in Jakarta, you can drop by to our offline store. We also do private demo session, which can be done at your place (preferably with good coffee from your kitchen.) If you’re in Bandung, we can make appointment to meet up as we go there at least once a month. We also take part in #indomodular workshop and meetings (by far, held in Bandung and Jakarta), you are welcome to join us for sharing session and jamming! If you’re living elsewhere, we can’t really help you for now, sorry.

I want to buy something but have questions, what should I do?

Don’t be a stranger and please ask us. We are not Yoda but we’ll try our best to answer and help you sort things out before and after purchasing. Reviews of equipments are coming later to the website as well.

Can I have a discount?

Please join our newsletter for promotions and special offers, sometimes when I feel like a nice person, I give discount coupons.

What kind of payments you accept?

We accept cash, direct bank transfer, and credit cards (limited to Visa and MasterCards only). Payments will be done through DOKU, and for credit cards there is additional 3% charge.

And what about the shipping?

For now, we ship nationally (Indonesia). If you live in Southeast Asia, please contact us for purchasing and shipping quotes. Please consider the wood-packaging and insurance on items you buy, better safe than sorry guys.

Can I return items that I don’t like?

For return policy, please go to this page.

Last question, why is the website looks empty?

That would be my fault. We’d like to launch the website as soon as possible and we promise more contents are coming along the way!