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  • Intellijel – Dixie 2+ (DEMO)


    Full-featured triangle core VCO/LFO

    The Dixie II+ is a larger variant of the classic Dixie II. Using the same great triangle core oscillator, it adds a number of features to make it even more versatile with only a modest increase in size. The DixieII+ makes a great primary oscillator for a modular system, or a great companion the Rubicon.

    * 8-position octave switch for quick setting of course tuning.
    * Fine tuning knob that turns to a coarse knob when in LFO mode.
    * Dual FM inputs, with FM1 attenuator and switch to select between exponential and linear mode.
    * Pulse width control with attenuator.
    * Reset to 0 V hard sync input, ideal for percussive sounds or modulation.
    * Flip sync circuit similar to but improved from the Dixie II.
    * 6 waveform outputs: sine, triangle, zigzag, saw, pulse and suboctave.

    • 70 mA +12V
    • 60 mA -12V
    • 0 mA 5V
    • 40 mm deep
  • Accutronic Tanks - Intellijel_analogcouple
    Accutronic Tanks - Intellijel_analogcouple

    Accutronic Spring Tank – Intellijel


    Spring. Sprang. Sprung.

    Three spring reverb tanks. Three distinct tonalities. Go ahead and collect them all — you know you want to. And you have enough gozintas and gozoutas on your Springray2 to attach all three tanks… simultaneously.

    Spring reverb tanks. Three sizes with three different sonic characteristics. If you have a Springray2, you’ll need at least one of these tanks, but know that you have enough connections on a single module for all three tanks!

  • Springray II - Intellijel_analogcouple
    Springray II - Intellijel_analogcouple

    Springray II – Intellijel


    Versatile Real Spring Tank Reverb Module

    Physical Analog

    A true spring reverb is an almost magical device. Deceptiviely simple in concept but capable of producing extremely rich and hauntingly beautiful sounds. Not just a retro novelty; spring reverbs are still used extensively whether it is nailing a classic dub reggae sound, adding some shimmer to a synth riff or creating some space on a vocal track in a big studio. This is a reverb that rewards real-time tweaking: crank the feedback, sweep the filter and play with the ghostly feedback drones that ensue. Better yet, try animating them with CV and inserting other modules into the feedback path.

  • Planar II - Intellijel_analogcouple
    Planar II - Intellijel_analogcouple

    Planar II – Intellijel


    Recordable Vector Joystick

    Modulator Joy

    The most complex modulator is you. The Planar 2 puts macro control over six outputs—including a quad panning mixer—into your hands with a buttery smooth joystick. Record up to 30 seconds of your own movements, stretch it or mangle it with scan mode, use a trigger for playback, or just loop it—synced or not. Add yourself to your patch.

  • Buff Mult - Intellijel_analogcouple
    Buff Mult - Intellijel_analogcouple

    Buff Mult – Intellijel


    Buffered Multiple

    Mighty Multiplier

    Multiply one audio/CV signal into six perfect copies or two signals into two sets of three. Multiply your sequencer out to multiple oscillators and send a third copy to your favorite modulation input.

  • uVCA_intellijel_analogcouple

    µVCA – Intellijel


    Dual VCA

    Tight, But Perfect Fit

    A great fit for a small system or to fill in that last bit of space in your performance rack. Dial in the exact sweet spot with the variable control response. It can also act as a 2 channel mixer in a pinch. There’s always room for a couple more VCAs in your patch.

  • uFold - Intellijel_analogcouple
    uFold - Intellijel_analogcouple

    µFold II – Intellijel


    Wavefolder / Wave Shaper for CV and Audio

    Into the Fold

    Traditional subtractive synthesis starts with a complex waveform and then filters it down. A wavefolder allows for the opposite: start with simple waveforms and then fold it over itself to create extremely rich and complex timbres. Animate the fold and symmetry controls with CV to add even more life and movement to the sounds.

  • uScale II - Intellijel - analogcouple
    uScale II - Intellijel - analogcouple

    µScale II – Intellijel


    Intelligent Quantizer and Interval Generator

    Make Anything Musical

    Your modular system is capable of generating complex, fluid and interesting voltages. Use the µScale to transform these voltages into musical pitches to control your oscillators and other sound sources. Modulate the results to introduce musical changes and patterns. Experience the magic of turning chaos into harmonious tones.

  • uMIDI - Intellijel_analogcouple
    uMIDI - Intellijel_analogcouple

    µMIDI – Intellijel


    USB/DIN MIDI Voice and Clock Interface

    Mission Control

    All the essentials to control and sync your Eurorack modular from your computer, iPhone/iPad, or hardware MIDI device. No menu diving or configuration scripts, just two buttons. Get crazy with external modulation and sequencers, or just sync your rack’s clock from the rest of your MIDI bus.

  • Plog - Intellijel_analogcouple
    Plog - Intellijel_analogcouple

    Plog – Intellijel


    Voltage Controlled Logic and Tap Clock

    Make/Break the Rules of Logic

    Derive complex rhythmic sequences from basic sparse sources like a gate sequence or random source. Add CV from an envelope, LFO, or controller to modulate the logic types for even more complex results. Possibly enough logical fun to make Spock smile.

  • Tetrapad - Intellijel_analogcouple
    Tetrapad - Intellijel_analogcouple

    Tetrapad – Intellijel


    Multi-Dimensional Performance Touch Controller

    Touch Your Music

    Nothing is more unique to your music than you. Press and slide your fingers along the four pads to turn your movements into CV and smooth out the rough edges with built-in slew. Use it as a keyboard, drum pads, faders, LFOs, voltage memory or more. Add yourself to your music.

  • Mutamix_intellijel_analogcouple

    Mutamix – Intellijel


    6 Channel, 3 Bus CV/Audio Mixer w/Digitally-Controlled Muting

    Beyond Mixing

    Blending signals and mixing audio is what patching is all about. Consider mixing up to six audio or CV signals down to three separate busses. Now take it a step beyond by sequencing or toggling mute states on the incoming signals with CV from a clock source, sequencer or even a random source.

  • Rainmaker_intellijel_analogcouple

    Rainmaker (Cylonix) – Intellijel


    16-Tap Stereo Spectral Rhythm Delay And Comb Resonator

    Make It Rain… Or Shine

    Cylonix and Intellijel are at it again with a combination rhythm and comb delay module. The Rhythm Delay allows individual control of any or all 16 taps—set timing, level, pan, filter type, cutoff and Q on each tap. The Comb Delay opens up further possibilities for complex comb filtering, along with resonator or reverb effects. Bring some light showers or something more torrential to your rack.

  • Shapeshifter_intellijel_analogcouple

    Shapeshifter (Cylonix) – Intellijel


    Dual Complex Morphable Wavetable Digital VCO

    The Deep End

    Cylonix and Intellijel have collaborated to bring you a complex digital wavetable oscillator with an extensive FM synthesis engine. 1024 Waveforms, LFO Toggles for both oscillators, deep internal FM, preset sequencing and morphing, built-in delay, 64 band vocoder, analog wavefolder, chord mode, eight sync types, percussion mode, TZFM and so much more. You’re in for years of exploration.


  • Rubicon_II_Intellijel_analogcouple

    Rubicon II – Intellijel


    Analog Triangle Core Thru-Zero FM VCO

    Proudly Analog

    This is not a set it and forget it oscillator. It’s an oscillator that demands to be tweaked, modulated and explored. It’s an oscillator that’s proudly analog and eschews all shortcuts. As such, it’s an oscillator that rewards you with sounds as boundless as your creativity.

  • Dixie II+_intellijel_analogcouple
    Dixie II+_intellijel_analogcouple

    Dixie II+ – Intellijel


    Full-Featured Triangle Core VCO/LFO

    The Heart+

    The beating heart(s) of your rack, the analog oscillator. If the Dixie2‘s six waveform outputs don’t offer enough shapes for you, the PWM, sync, and FM inputs have you covered. Unique to the Dixie2+ is PWM control, exponential FM, and an Octave switch for quick asnd precise musical tuning. Great in pairs, two hearts are better than one.

  • Shifty_intellijel_analogcouple

    Shifty – Intellijel


    Voice Allocator / Note Hocketing / Analog Shift Register

    Creativity Router

    Patching is all about creativity. You could simply mult your sequence across your rack or let Shifty spread the notes across time, holding, swapping and routing them. Queue up notes or CV for distribution to up to four modules and dive into the world of hocketing, shift registers and pseudo polyphony.

  • USB ISP - Intellijel_analogcouple
    USB ISP - Intellijel_analogcouple

    USB ISP – Intellijel


    For use with the official Intellijel Firmware Updater app. It’s required to update firmware on Plog, Metropolis, Mutamix, µScale, and µStep.

  • USB-POWER_1U-intellijel_analogcouple

    USB Power 1U – Intellijel


    USB Socket for Charging/Powering Peripheral Devices

    More Power To You

    Convenient USB power source for your handy peripherals. Whether it’s an LED Light or a small desktop synth, this jack provides 1A of power from an Intellijel power supply to an attached USB device.

  • Mixup - Intellijel_analogcouple
    Mixup - Intellijel_analogcouple

    Mixup – Intellijel

    , ,

    Chainable Mono / Stereo Audio Utility Mixer

    Mixup is a versatile, expandable audio mixer for eurorack format. It has eight inputs (6 on the front panel)  and two outputs. Inputs 1 and 2 are single-channel mono inputs, each with its own mute switch and level control; Input 3 is a dual-channel stereo input with a shared mute and level control; and input 4 is an auxiliary unity-gain, non-mutable stereo input.

    Using bus connectors on the back panel, you can chain multiple Mixups together in series, giving you the ability to mix together even more inputs, or to create sub-mixes for routing around larger systems.

    Because Mixup is designed specifically for audio (and not for CV mixing), it uses AC-coupled circuitry (which reduces the potential for ‘pops’ when muting and unmuting audio), and it uses audio-grade, logarithmic attenuators for a smooth, even response across the entire volume range.