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  • Intellijel – Dixie 2+ (DEMO)


    Full-featured triangle core VCO/LFO

    The Dixie II+ is a larger variant of the classic Dixie II. Using the same great triangle core oscillator, it adds a number of features to make it even more versatile with only a modest increase in size. The DixieII+ makes a great primary oscillator for a modular system, or a great companion the Rubicon.

    * 8-position octave switch for quick setting of course tuning.
    * Fine tuning knob that turns to a coarse knob when in LFO mode.
    * Dual FM inputs, with FM1 attenuator and switch to select between exponential and linear mode.
    * Pulse width control with attenuator.
    * Reset to 0 V hard sync input, ideal for percussive sounds or modulation.
    * Flip sync circuit similar to but improved from the Dixie II.
    * 6 waveform outputs: sine, triangle, zigzag, saw, pulse and suboctave.

    • 70 mA +12V
    • 60 mA -12V
    • 0 mA 5V
    • 40 mm deep
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    TipTop Audio – One (USED)

    , ,

    24bit 96k Mono Sample Player

    ONE brings organic sound and super low latency sample playback to the modular. It differs from other sample players in that it handles the digital audio bits as a continuously manipulated electrical flow, a feature inspired by our analog knowhow. This unique core makes ONE truly integral within the Tiptop percussive modular ecosystem thanks to a lightweight and responsive digital circuit with a very analog feel.

    ONE brings a world of colors to the modular right out of the package. We have invited some of the best sound designers in the Industry to create professional sound libraries with content tailored to the unique sonic framework of the modular synthesizer and that fully takes advantage of ONE’s unique qualities. To start with, ONE comes with a SD card loaded with a free set of 60 sounds designed by Glitchmachines. More cards are available to purchase separately each containing carefully selected material with up to 256 sound files. Using your own sample libraries or recordings is easy too, just copy 16 or 24bit mono WAV files onto the SD card, pop the card into ONE and go.

    ONE offers several modes of operation, with the primary being the super low latency Trigger mode that retrieves audio data off the SD card adding no artificial processing such as click removal, crossfading, eq or gain normalization. In this mode, it’s a highly transparent player up to 24 bit 96kHz with no interpolation of the audio data: what you put in is what you get out. With a delay as low as 0.25ms from the moment the trigger hits, ONE offers harmonically dense, clear and detailed audio with a great rhythmic feel.

    ONE handles external CV through a user selectable multifunction jack. Pitch is the main control with two modes available: Free pitch allows for fine tuning of the playback rate, great for adding subtle vibrato or wild tape speed effects; Quantized pitch maps CV to the standard 12 tone system over 3.5 octaves and is ideal for melodic content. CV can also be used to sequence through files off the SD card allowing far more varied sounds from a single source; almost like an entire percussion section behind the slim panel.

    Although originally designed to play tightly with our analog drums and envelopes, ONE’s rich sound quality encouraged us to make it work in a variety of other applications that are less demanding of sub millisecond timing response. The extra headroom at the core level allows features such as Gated playback, Looping, and Triggering with fades in and out to accommodate different types of sound sources from drum loops to polysynth chords to noise sources and other yet unimagined uses.

    ONE offers another useful dimension since it can play CV signals too. Drop in a card with LFO signals, random CV, slopes and envelopes for a whole set of new control and modulation possibilities.

    ONE is as simple to use as it is affordable and plays extremely well with it’s analog cousins – our vision for bringing samples into the modular world.

    NOTE – each ONE ships with a VCTRS SD card. See website for details.

    • 80 mA +12V
    • 8 mA -12V
    • 0 mA 5V
    • 43 mm deep
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    Synthesis Technology – E330 Multimode VCO (USED)

    , ,

    Multimode VCO with features from the E340 and E350, plus FM

    The E330 is a digital oscillator with three very different synthesis methods and two voltage controllable “effect inputs”. The audio signal is emitted at two outputs.

    The three modes of the E330 are:
    – Two-operator FM
    – Wavetable synthesis with a selection of waves from the E350 Morphing Terrarium in Z.Morph mode.
    – Cloud oscillator with the four-oscillator mode of the E340 Cloud Generator (both with sines and sawtooths)

    1V/octave input, FM input, sync input
    Two CV inputs, two audio outputs

    • 50 mA +12V
    • 15 mA -12V
    • 0 mA 5V
    • 32 mm deep
  • Telharmonic-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore

    tELHARMONIC – Make Noise


    The tELHARMONIC is a Multi-Voice, Multi-Algorithm synthesizer module named for the music hall considered by some to be the location of the first electronic music concerts. It was coded by Tom Erbe with the goal of presenting three historically important pioneering electronic tone generation techniques less often implemented within the modular synthesizer.

    The tELHARMONIC’s roots go back further than the advent of electronic music, as it also takes a new approach to handling music theory in the modular context. TONIC, INTERVAL, DEGREE and D-GATE, allow for patch-programming of complex chord progressions, scales, melodies and playing styles. This Voltage Controlled Music Theory guides the Algorithms in a unified way, whereas CENTROID, FLUX and H-LOCK sculpt the timbre of each Algorithm uniquely, allowing for complex sounds to be created around a unified melodic structure and pattern.

  • Mutant Hihats-hexinverter-analogcouple-webstore
    Mutant Hihats-hexinverter-analogcouple-webstore

    Mutant Hihats – Hexinverter Électronique


    dual analog hihats (open+closed)

    A classic electro percussion synthesis design reborn as something completely different.

    We wanted to recreate a classic hihat synthesis design as something new and exciting, so, we took the super electro 808 circuit and transformed it into a powerful creative tool for modular synthesis!

  • Mutant Clap Front-hexinverter-analogcouple-webstore
    Mutant Clap Back-hexinverter-analogcouple-webstore

    Mutant Clap – Hexinverter Électronique


    analog hand-clap percussion generator

    The TR-909’s clap featured one control the user could adjust: volume. That was not okay with us.

    I’m a huge fan of house music. I love the 909 clap. So this is a module I agonised over features I wanted it to have for a long time. And here it is. I hope you find it as useful as I do!

  • Mutant Snare-hexinverter-analogcouple-webstore
    Mutant Snare-hexinverter-analogcouple-webstore

    Mutant Snare – Hexinverter Électronique


    analog snare drum synthesis with external input

    From classic electro snares to warping, alien percussion, the Mutant Snare is a radical departure from the static sounds of the 808!

  • Mutant Bassdrum-hexinverter-analogcouplewebstore
    Mutant Bassdrum-hexinverter-analogcouplewebstore

    Mutant Bassdrum – Hexinverter Électronique


    analog bassdrum & voltage-controlled distortion


  • BD9-hexinverter-analogcouple-webstore

    Mutant BD9 – Hexinverter Électronique


    analog bassdrum synthesis with sub-oscillator

    Not just another clone or continuation of the 808-esque, acid-style kicks of the Mutant Bassdrum – the Mutant BD9 seeks to explore uncharted bassdrum territory by having an integrated sub-oscillator for maximal auditory obliteration.


  • Moffenzeef_Dial Up_analogcouple
    Moffenzeef_Dial Up_analogcouple

    Dial Up – Moffenzeef Modular



    Bask in the gløry øf the days øf yøre…when mødems and dial-up tønes reigned supreme. That gød awful søund emitted as yøu tried with all øf yøur might tø ping a cømmunicatiøn acrøss the gløbe…that søund…is precisely what we have harnessed and packaged intø a percussiøn vøice før the mødern day cyber junkie.

  • Moffenzeef_Muskrat_analogcouple

    Muskrat – Moffenzeef Modular



    MUSKRAT is a flexible, 8-bit wavetable drum synth. There are 23 øn-bøard wavetables tø chøøse frøm, either manually ør via bipølar CV input. Pitch and phase distørtiøn include bipølar CV inputs and accept -5v to +5v. The “Trigger” input is designed withøut input cønditioning and picks up signals øf all varieties (In øther wørds it is an enveløpe følløwer circuit). Yøu can plug an external CV ør øffset intø this input and it will øperate like a regular VCA. Før even møre extreme søund mangling, engage the MUSKRAT møde via the switch tø feed a randøm number intø the phase accumulatør at the internal cløck rate. This møde alsø includes a gate input that acts as an “accent”.

    Basically, pick a kraptastique wave, change the pitch, mangle the hell øut øf it, feed the rødent, BANG! it; yøu’ve caught yourself a Muskrat. WARNING: if yøu feed the rødent (“my…gød…what…have…we…døne?”) it’s brain gøes intø a fiery frenzy and spits øut glitch after glitch øf høly bleepbløøpness. If yøu yank øn it’s tail it’ll shriek a lil’ lønger, especially if yøu’re pulling it at løng range.  Beware, ønce yøu let this critter øut øf the cage it will want tø nest sø BANG! it øn the head!

  • Malekko_Heavy_Industry_Noise_Analog_Couple

    Noise – Malekko Heavy Industry

    , ,


    3hp noise module including timbre control (manual or CV input) for digital, white, pink and vlf (very low frequency) outputs.

  • Malekko_Heavy_Industry_Oscilator_analog_couple_webstore

    Richter Oscillator II – Malekko Heavy Industry



    The Malekko/Richter Oscillator II is a great-sounding, solid analog Oscillator/LFO with some serious tricks up its sleeve. Fine and Coarse frequency controls are provided. Volt per octave and exponential (with attenuator) CV frequency inputs are provided. An output for each waveform is provided (Sine/Triangle/Square/Saw). A second series of outputs are provided for phase-modulated versions of the Triangle, Square, and Saw waveforms.

  • Malekko_Heavy_Industry_anti oscilator_analog_couple_webstore
    Malekko_Heavy_Industry_anti oscilator_analog_couple_webstore

    Richter Anti Oscillator – Malekko Heavy Industry



    The Richter Anti-Oscillator is an analog triangle-core oscillator with unique voltage-controllable waveshaping capabilities.



  • Shapeshifter_intellijel_analogcouple

    Shapeshifter (Cylonix) – Intellijel


    Dual Complex Morphable Wavetable Digital VCO

    The Deep End

    Cylonix and Intellijel have collaborated to bring you a complex digital wavetable oscillator with an extensive FM synthesis engine. 1024 Waveforms, LFO Toggles for both oscillators, deep internal FM, preset sequencing and morphing, built-in delay, 64 band vocoder, analog wavefolder, chord mode, eight sync types, percussion mode, TZFM and so much more. You’re in for years of exploration.


  • Rubicon_II_Intellijel_analogcouple

    Rubicon II – Intellijel


    Analog Triangle Core Thru-Zero FM VCO

    Proudly Analog

    This is not a set it and forget it oscillator. It’s an oscillator that demands to be tweaked, modulated and explored. It’s an oscillator that’s proudly analog and eschews all shortcuts. As such, it’s an oscillator that rewards you with sounds as boundless as your creativity.

  • Dixie II+_intellijel_analogcouple
    Dixie II+_intellijel_analogcouple

    Dixie II+ – Intellijel


    Full-Featured Triangle Core VCO/LFO

    The Heart+

    The beating heart(s) of your rack, the analog oscillator. If the Dixie2‘s six waveform outputs don’t offer enough shapes for you, the PWM, sync, and FM inputs have you covered. Unique to the Dixie2+ is PWM control, exponential FM, and an Octave switch for quick asnd precise musical tuning. Great in pairs, two hearts are better than one.

  • Plonk - Intellijel_analogcouple
    Plonk - Intellijel_analogcouple

    Plonk – Intellijel


    “Definitely one of the best drum synthesizers that you can find!”

    Physical Modelling Percussion Synthesizer


    • Resonator section models strings, beams, marimbas, drumheads, membranes, and plates.
    • Exciter section comprises a realistic mallet model and flexible noise source.
    • Two Voice Polyphonic at full resolution (16-bit 44.1Khz).
    • Pseudo multi-timbrality possible via CV selectable presets recalled on each new trigger/gate.
    • Full parameter randomization and morphing via CV/trigger.
    • All synthesis parameters can be assigned to the X, Y and MOD controls.
    • 128 user preset slots with import/export via USB and come filled with factory presets designed Richard Devine and AAS.
    • Laser Mammoth compatible preset management


  • atlantis - intellijel_analogcouple
    atlantis - intellijel_analogcouple

    Atlantis – Intellijel


    Analog Dual Oscillator Subtractive Synth Voice

    Modern Day Classic

    The Atlantis is heavily inspired by the architecture and sound of the classic Roland SH-101. It has always been one of our favorite synths and we really liked how the seemingly limited architecture allowed for all sorts of creative and musically useful sounds to be easily generated. Just like the 101, it is quick to dial in a beautifully rich bass and lead sounds but there is much more sonic territory to explore as well.

    Main features:

    • Modulation VCO: triangle core with Hard Sync and Link switch to connect pitch to primary
    • Primary VCO: triangle core with Hard Sync, Octave switches, Linear/Exp FM and PWM
    • Global modulation bus with four VCO waveforms, noise and S&H options
    • Cascaded 4-Pole multimode filter
    • Looping ADSR with range switch, manual gate, and external level (velocity) control.
    • Three position output clipping circuit
    • 27 jacks for creative and complex patching options
    • Skiff Friendly
  • Pico CV Mixer - Erica Synths
    Pico CV Mixer - Erica Synths

    Pico CV Mixer – Erica Synths

    , ,

    Erica Pico CV Mixer is simple 3 channel DC coupled mixer intended to mix CV signals in order to obtain complex modulations. Also it may serve as CV attenuator.


    • 3 inputs
    • Diode protection against overvoltage