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  • Make Noise – Rene v1 Classic (DEMO)


    The René music synthesizer module is the world’s only Cartesian Sequencer for music synthesizers. Named for the French philosopher & mathematician René Descartes, it uses his Cartesian coordinate system to unlock the analog step sequencer from the shackles of linearity.

    Usage of boolean operations between trigger inputs.
    Provides quantized voltages and also unquantized voltages at the same time.
    Named for the French philosopher & mathematician René Descartes, it uses his Cartesian coordinate system to unlock the analog step sequencer from the shackles of linearity.

    -Maximum amount of artist controlled musical variation, derived from minimum amount of data input

    -ALL programming done real-time, programming of René is a key performance element

    -Up to 4 clock inputs and 2 CV inputs may be used simultaneously to achieve complex, musical patterns

    -1 Quantized Voltage Out (forced to programmed musical scales) useful for controlling pitch on DPO

    -1 non-quantized voltage out, useful for controlling timbre or pitch throughout the system

    -2 gate/ pulse streams, useful for generating Timing Events within a patch or to Trigger an Function Generator such as MATHS

    • 80 mA +12V
    • 0 mA -12V
    • 0 mA 5V
    • 24 mm deep


  • Erica Synths – Pico Trigger (DEMO)

    Erica Synths Pico Trigger module provides a master clock for the Pico System and it generates up to 16 step patterns of 4 triggers, simple clock divider patterns, and more advanced polyrhythmic patterns of different step length for triggering drums.


    • Selectable internal clock or external clock
    • Clock output
    • Polyrhytmic patterns
    • Adjustable shuffle
    • 4 trigger outputs
    • 8 pattern memory
    • Web-based pattern design interface
    • Pattern upload via CLK input

    You can  design your patterns in a custom web interface and then upload them to the module via CLK in 3,5mm jack.

  • Erica Synths – Pico Seq (DEMO)

    Erica Synths Pico SEQ is a mighty, performance oriented 16 step CV and Gate sequencer packed with virtually all possible features you might expect from a sequencer just in 3HP!


    • Electable sequence length – up to 16 steps
    • Quantized CV output – 9 different scales
    • Adjustable Gate length for each step
    • Step off and step merge function
    • Slide function on selected steps
    • Transpose function
    • Random play function (within a scale)
    • 5 play modes
    • Sequence memory (16 sequences with all settings)

    Despite the small size it’s easy to program and most importantly – up to 16 patterns can be saved in memory and instantly recalled.

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    Doepfer – A138u Dual Micro Mixer (USED)

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    Dual Micro Mixer (2×3)

    Great space effective unity mixer for audio and cv. Trimpot on the back for gain staging.

    Module A-138u is a simple, low-cost mixer with two units. Each unit is equipped with three inputs and one output. The upper unit has for each input a trimming potentiometer available that allows to adjust the amplification in the range 0…+1 for each input (factory setting is 1 for all inputs). The inputs of the lower unit all have the same amplification +1.
    The output of the upper unit is normalled to the first input of the lower unit. That way the module can be used also as a mixer with five inputs: for this the inputs 1, 2 and 3 of the upper unit ad the inputs 2 and 3 of the lower unit are used. The sum output for all five signals is then the output of the lower unit. As soon as a plug is inserted into input 1 of the lower unit the module becomes a dual 3-in-1 mixer again.
    Inputs and Outputs are DC-coupled, i.e. audio and control signals can be mixed.

    Application examples:

    • Mixer for audio signals, e.g. three VCOs preceding a VCF, when the amplifications are adjusted slightly different no signal extinction occurs during the beat of the VCOs
    • Mixer for control voltages (e.g. LFOs, envelope generators, random voltages)
    • 10 mA +12V
    • 0 mA -12V
    • 0 mA 5V
    • 25 mm deep
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  • Winter Modular – Eloquencer

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    The Eloquencer is a powerful and versatile eurorack sequencer that can be used both as a performance and a composition tool. It’s designed to be intuitive, easy to use, and quick to edit.

    It has been built around the “controlled chance” concept. This means you can decide when and where there will be randomness and how much this randomness will affect your sequences.

    It features 8 tracks of CVs and Gates in a 16 step disposition, but with the ability to define larger bar counts or chaining patterns to build multiple song parts of 256 steps each.

    Parameters like CV, Gate, Gate Length and Ratcheting can be randomized in different ways to obtain permanently evolving patterns.

    Many of the parameters can be linked to the CV inputs to give additional layers of variation.

    An OLED screen provides contextual feedback for all the parameters, and it’s also used to navigate through the menus.

  • Brains-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore

    Brains – Make Noise

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    BRAINS is a clocked sequential binary event machine. It is designed to be connected to one or two Pressure Points to form a 4 or 8-Step 3-channel analog sequencer. Classic synthesis control!

  • Moffenzeef_Deviant_analogcouple

    Deviant – Moffenzeef Modular




  • Moffenzeef_Mito_analogcouple

    Mito – Moffenzeef Modular



    MITØ (derived frøm “mitøsis”) is a 6 channel trigger sequencer that specializes in swingin’, divide’n, n’ pølyrhythm’n. With the turn øf a knøb, the user can select which divisiøn øf the incøming cløck (BANG!) is øutput frøm the cørrespønding jack (all the way left: divide by 16, all the way right: divide by 1). Each channel is equipped with it’s øwn mute switch, alløwing the user tø turn each individual sequence øn and øff while øther channels keep chuggin’ and cløckin’ aløng. Gløbal swing can be cøntrølled with the amøeba knøb in the tøp right hand cørner øf the mødule. Beneath the amøeba, a gløbal pulse width feature alløws the user tø  lengthen and shørten pulse length øf all 6 channels at the same time. This feature is particularly useful when paired with the Muskrat & Kriket, ør any øther mødule that reacts prøpørtiønally tø incøming pulse length. Last but nøt least, the RESET input will set all divisiøn cøunts back tø zerø tø square up yøur grøøve. Each channel will be held HIGH as løng as the incøming vøltage is HIGH. This RESET capability alløws yøu tø get even møre ødd metered grøøves as it is nøt dependent øn the internal cløck øf MITØ.

  • Malekko_Heavy_Industry_invert mix_analog_couple_webstore
    Malekko_Heavy_Industry_invert mix_analog_couple_webstore

    Invert Mix – Malekko Heavy Industry

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    Includes 3 audio or DC inputs, 3 inverted outputs as well as an inverted sum and non-inverted sum outs. Invert waveforms, envelopes etc.

  • Malekko_Heavy_Industry_Varigate 4 side_analog_couple_webstore

    Varigate 4+ – Malekko Heavy Industry



    The Varigate 4+ is a 4-channel, 8-step sequencer that includes the features of the original Varigate 4, PLUS the new option to output both CV (quantized or unquantized) and gates simultaneously. Other new features include a Play/Stop function, Preset Banks (4×4), Glide Per Step, Scales and can also be configured as master for the Malekko Voltage Block as well as a slave to the Varigate 8+ if you’re looking to expand your total channels and presets (up to 14 channels and 100 presets with V8+).

  • Malekko_Heavy_Industry_Voltage Block_analog_couple_webstore
    Malekko_Heavy_Industry_Voltage Block_analog_couple_webstore

    Voltage Block – Malekko Heavy Industry



    Voltage Block is an 8 independent 16-stage CV sequencer packed with performance features and presets making the Voltage Block the ultimate CV tool. Create quantized or unquantized sequences for each output, record your modulation changes, tie sequences together, mute on the fly, randomize your outputs and so much more.

  • uScale II - Intellijel - analogcouple
    uScale II - Intellijel - analogcouple

    µScale II – Intellijel


    Intelligent Quantizer and Interval Generator

    Make Anything Musical

    Your modular system is capable of generating complex, fluid and interesting voltages. Use the µScale to transform these voltages into musical pitches to control your oscillators and other sound sources. Modulate the results to introduce musical changes and patterns. Experience the magic of turning chaos into harmonious tones.

  • Mutamix_intellijel_analogcouple

    Mutamix – Intellijel


    6 Channel, 3 Bus CV/Audio Mixer w/Digitally-Controlled Muting

    Beyond Mixing

    Blending signals and mixing audio is what patching is all about. Consider mixing up to six audio or CV signals down to three separate busses. Now take it a step beyond by sequencing or toggling mute states on the incoming signals with CV from a clock source, sequencer or even a random source.

  • Shifty_intellijel_analogcouple

    Shifty – Intellijel


    Voice Allocator / Note Hocketing / Analog Shift Register

    Creativity Router

    Patching is all about creativity. You could simply mult your sequence across your rack or let Shifty spread the notes across time, holding, swapping and routing them. Queue up notes or CV for distribution to up to four modules and dive into the world of hocketing, shift registers and pseudo polyphony.

  • Mixup - Intellijel_analogcouple
    Mixup - Intellijel_analogcouple

    Mixup – Intellijel

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    Chainable Mono / Stereo Audio Utility Mixer

    Mixup is a versatile, expandable audio mixer for eurorack format. It has eight inputs (6 on the front panel)  and two outputs. Inputs 1 and 2 are single-channel mono inputs, each with its own mute switch and level control; Input 3 is a dual-channel stereo input with a shared mute and level control; and input 4 is an auxiliary unity-gain, non-mutable stereo input.

    Using bus connectors on the back panel, you can chain multiple Mixups together in series, giving you the ability to mix together even more inputs, or to create sub-mixes for routing around larger systems.

    Because Mixup is designed specifically for audio (and not for CV mixing), it uses AC-coupled circuitry (which reduces the potential for ‘pops’ when muting and unmuting audio), and it uses audio-grade, logarithmic attenuators for a smooth, even response across the entire volume range.

  • Metropolis - intellijel_analogcouple
    Metropolis (back) - Intellijel_analogcouple

    Metropolis – Intellijel


    ‘Complex multi-stage pitch and gate sequencer’

    Instant Melodies

    When you’re crafting melodies and patterns, nothing beats the immediacy of dedicated controls. Metropolis patterns are built in stages not just steps. Each stage has four dedicated controls to dial in instant melodies, repeats, skips, and slides. Dive in deeper to adjust direction, quantization scales, clock dividers, shuffle, and more. Inspired by the Ryk M-185 System 100m, the Metropolis has built its own reputation.

  • Arp-2hp-analogcouple-webstore

    Arp – 2HP


    Arp is a gate-driven arpeggiator with a multitude of chord types and playback modes. Voltage control over both root note and chord type allow for sequencing any combination of chords in any key imaginable.

    With the rate of the arpeggio and reset capability in your own hands, you’re free to create dynamic rhythmic melodies from your favorite chords. Take your tonality for a ride with Arp.

    Only available in silver. Please send us a message if you’d like to have the module with black faceplate.

  • TM front-2hp-analogcouple-webstore
    TM Side-2hp-analogcouple-webstore

    TM – 2HP


    TM is a probabilistic random sequence generator based on the research of Alan Turing. His Turing machine was a mathematical model of computation that could, in theory, create any output based on a set of instructions and input variables. In a similar way, the TM chooses random values for steps in a sequence based on the user’s probability settings.

    Only available in black. Please send us a message if you’d like to have the module with silver faceplate.

  • Mix-2hp-analogcouple-webstore

    Mix – 2HP


    Mix is a 4 channel mixer that is great for audio or control voltage signals. Up to four inputs can be combined to a single output each with its own level control.