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  • Quad VCA - Intellijel_analogcouple
    Quad VCA - Intellijel_analogcouple

    Quad VCA – Intellijel


    Quad Voltage Controlled Amplifier and Cascaded Mixer

    Oh My Quad…

    When you get into eurorack, you’ll inevitably come across the old addage—you can never have enough VCAs. It’s true, but it’s a bit over simplified, the Quad VCA is not. Each of the four VCAs has independant level control, bipolar CV inputs with attenuators and led indicators, adjustable linear/exponential response and and a +6dB boost switch to double the channels output. Each channel’s CV inputs are cascaded to the next, as are its outputs so that you can create submixes.

  • Dual ADSR - Intellijel_analogcouple
    Dual ADSR - Intellijel_analogcouple

    Dual ADSR – Intellijel


    Dual slider based ADSR envelope

    The circuit is based in part on the Roland SH-101 / System100m design with several enhancements.

    • Manual GATE buttons
    • Three timing ranges: (1 second, 10second, 1minute A/D times)
    • Normal and inverted outputs
    • End of Decay (EOD) logic output
    • Cycle mode (which GATE logic control)
    • Retrig input (allows re-triggering of the envelope if source gate held high)
    • Dynamic control of the envelope output level (each ADSR is routed through a linear VCA and the control is normalled to +5V via the LEVEL jack. You can patch another control source like an LFO or VELOCITY level from a keyboard to this jack.
  • Intellijel Patch Cables - Intellijel_analogcouple
    Intellijel Patch Cables - Intellijel_analogcouple

    5 pak assorted colors 12″ 3.5mm cable – Intellijel


    Never run out of cables

    Quality patch cables for use with eurorack modules by the excellent Ad Infinitum. Trust us, you’ll need a lot of these.

    Follow the Rainbow

    Legend has it there’s a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. We don’t know if every patch you create will be gold, but we’re happy to provide you with the rainbow. Included colours may vary, but usually include:

    • Red
    • Green
    • Yellow
    • Blue
    • Grey
  • Hub Mult (single) - Intellijel_analogcouple
    Hub Mult (Pile) - Intellijel_analogcouple

    Hub Mult – Intellijel


    Zero HP Passive Mult

    How about a few of these little robot buddies sitting on top of your rack, instead of in it?  1×3 passive mults with mandatory robots, and optional magnets for easy stacking/attaching.


    • 4 channel passive multiple.
    • Durable plastic enclosure.
    • High quality gold-plated PCB-mounted jacks.
    • Fully serviceable (just undo two screws to access the jacks).
    • Optional Super strong rare-earth neodymium magnets on both sides of the enclosure. The magnets allow the hubs to be stacked or attached to metal or magnetic strips on your case. They can even attach to screws.

    Manual is available here.

  • Power Entry 01 - Intellijel_analogcouple
    Power Entry 01 - Intellijel_analogcouple

    Power Entry 2.5 mm – Intellijel


    Jack + Switch for Meanwell Power Bricks

    A DC barrel jack and power switch for connecting power to the TPS30 or TPS80 powered busboards.


  • PE-1-Power-Entry_1U-intellijel_analogcouple

    PE-1 1U 2.5 mm – Intellijel


    Jack + Switch for Meanwell Power Bricks

    A DC barrel jack and power switch for connecting power to the TPS30 or TPS80 powered busboards.

    A panel with DC barrel jack and power switch for conveniently connecting power to the TPS30 or TPS80 powered busboards.

  • TPS30W-MAX-Intellijel_analogcouple

    TPS30W MAX Eurorack Power Supply – Intellijel


    No more paperwork

    You’ve finally quit that stuffy office job to follow your dreams, it’s time to convert that briefcase. No better place to start than with a low noise TPS30 Max 30W power supply.

    The TPS30W MAX  is a high power, super efficient and low noise studio grade power system for your Eurorack Modular. We carefully designed this power supply to perform optimally with even the most demanding, noisy and power hungry modules in your rig. The TPS30W MAX is recommended for cases up to 6U x 84hp in size.

  • Midi-JACKS_1U-intellijel_analogcouple

    µMidi JACKS 1U – Intellijel


    DIN/USB Input Jacks

    USB and DIN jacks for interfacing MIDI equipment with the µMIDI 1U module. Our 7U cases have the jacks built-in, this 1U Jacks module is for the rest of you.

  • MIDI_1U-WEB-intellijel_analogcouple

    µMidi 1U – Intellijel


    USB/DIN MIDI Voice and Clock Interface

    Mission Control

    All the essentials to control and sync your rack to your computer, iPhone/iPad, or hardware MIDI device. No menu diving or configuration scripts, just two buttons. Get crazy with external modulation and sequencers, or just sync your rack’s clock from your MIDI bus.

    Width 22HP
    Depth 25mm
    Power 47mA @ 12V
    3mA @ -12V
  • Quadratt_1U-Intellijel_analogcouple

    Quadratt 1U – Intellijel


    “Quad attenuator, Attenuverter, Mixer and DC voltage source”

    Voltage Control

    Sometimes you just need a quick audio mixer; a voltage offset; a CV mixer; an attenuator; an attenuverter; or just a voltage. Mix and match the four controls to your needs.


    • Active/Buffered Attenuator/Attenuverter/Mixer with external signals.
    • Each output normalled to mix into the adjacent channel on the right making it possible to do sub mixes in groups of 2, 3 or all four channels.
    • 2 Modes for each channel (Unipolar and Bipolar).
    • 5v Normalled to each input.
  • Plonk - Intellijel_analogcouple
    Plonk - Intellijel_analogcouple

    Plonk – Intellijel


    “Definitely one of the best drum synthesizers that you can find!”

    Physical Modelling Percussion Synthesizer


    • Resonator section models strings, beams, marimbas, drumheads, membranes, and plates.
    • Exciter section comprises a realistic mallet model and flexible noise source.
    • Two Voice Polyphonic at full resolution (16-bit 44.1Khz).
    • Pseudo multi-timbrality possible via CV selectable presets recalled on each new trigger/gate.
    • Full parameter randomization and morphing via CV/trigger.
    • All synthesis parameters can be assigned to the X, Y and MOD controls.
    • 128 user preset slots with import/export via USB and come filled with factory presets designed Richard Devine and AAS.
    • Laser Mammoth compatible preset management


  • atlantis - intellijel_analogcouple
    atlantis - intellijel_analogcouple

    Atlantis – Intellijel


    Analog Dual Oscillator Subtractive Synth Voice

    Modern Day Classic

    The Atlantis is heavily inspired by the architecture and sound of the classic Roland SH-101. It has always been one of our favorite synths and we really liked how the seemingly limited architecture allowed for all sorts of creative and musically useful sounds to be easily generated. Just like the 101, it is quick to dial in a beautifully rich bass and lead sounds but there is much more sonic territory to explore as well.

    Main features:

    • Modulation VCO: triangle core with Hard Sync and Link switch to connect pitch to primary
    • Primary VCO: triangle core with Hard Sync, Octave switches, Linear/Exp FM and PWM
    • Global modulation bus with four VCO waveforms, noise and S&H options
    • Cascaded 4-Pole multimode filter
    • Looping ADSR with range switch, manual gate, and external level (velocity) control.
    • Three position output clipping circuit
    • 27 jacks for creative and complex patching options
    • Skiff Friendly
  • Metropolis - intellijel_analogcouple
    Metropolis (back) - Intellijel_analogcouple

    Metropolis – Intellijel


    ‘Complex multi-stage pitch and gate sequencer’

    Instant Melodies

    When you’re crafting melodies and patterns, nothing beats the immediacy of dedicated controls. Metropolis patterns are built in stages not just steps. Each stage has four dedicated controls to dial in instant melodies, repeats, skips, and slides. Dive in deeper to adjust direction, quantization scales, clock dividers, shuffle, and more. Inspired by the Ryk M-185 System 100m, the Metropolis has built its own reputation.

  • Sold out

    Delay – 2HP

    , ,

    Delay is a flexible, full-featured delay audio processor. CV over all parameters provides dynamic access to its nuanced controls. The feedback path ranges from slapback to infinity, allowing for wild permutations of the original signal.

    With delay times from milliseconds to nearly two seconds, Delay is sure to find a use in every patching situation. Add subtle echo to a melodic line, or crank up the feedback and hear a bed of layered sounds to bury your listeners in.

    Only available in black. Please send us a message if you’d like to have the module with silver faceplate.

  • Arp-2hp-analogcouple-webstore

    Arp – 2HP


    Arp is a gate-driven arpeggiator with a multitude of chord types and playback modes. Voltage control over both root note and chord type allow for sequencing any combination of chords in any key imaginable.

    With the rate of the arpeggio and reset capability in your own hands, you’re free to create dynamic rhythmic melodies from your favorite chords. Take your tonality for a ride with Arp.

    Only available in silver. Please send us a message if you’d like to have the module with black faceplate.

  • Comb-2hp-analogcouple-webstore

    Comb – 2HP

    , ,

    Comb is an IIR peaking comb filter with control over cutoff frequency, resonance that can be driven into self oscillation, and a dampening filter in the feedback path.

    An incredibly short, tuned delay line will alter the character of your input by imposing harmonic peaks on the source. Subtle settings can result in thickening timbres, reminiscent of phaser-like effects, while more extreme settings can create lustrous string sounds from white noise, or tear your waveform to shreds.

    Only available in black. Please send us a message if you’d like to have the module with silver faceplate.

  • TM front-2hp-analogcouple-webstore
    TM Side-2hp-analogcouple-webstore

    TM – 2HP


    TM is a probabilistic random sequence generator based on the research of Alan Turing. His Turing machine was a mathematical model of computation that could, in theory, create any output based on a set of instructions and input variables. In a similar way, the TM chooses random values for steps in a sequence based on the user’s probability settings.

    Only available in black. Please send us a message if you’d like to have the module with silver faceplate.

  • VCA front-2hp-analogcouple-webstore
    VCA side-2hp-analogcouple-webstore

    VCA – 2HP


    The 2hp VCA is a dual, linear VCA. It uses the renowned 2164 SSM architecture, giving it extremely low distortion and high quality audio outputs. With a CV input attenuator, and DC-coupled inputs this is your new go-to module for voltage controlled amplification of audio or CV.

    Currently out of stock. Please contact us for pre-order.

  • Tune-2hp-analogcouple-webstore

    Tune – 2HP


    Tune is a multi-scale pitch quantizer. It features 11 scales ranging from chromatic to octatonic with everything in between. In addition, the bias control allows the user to transpose the melody to a different octave or starting note.

    Only available in black. Please send us a message if you’d like to have the module with silver faceplate.

  • Trim-2hp-analogcouple-webstore

    Trim – 2HP

    , ,

    Trim is a 2 channel passive attenuator. It features two individual channels of attenuation.

    Only available in black. Please send us a message if you’d like to have the module with silver faceplate.