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    Erica Synths – DSP FX Expansion Rom

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    DSP FX expansion ROM adds third extra bank with 8 new effects to your Black Hole DSP! Shimmer reverbs, gritty distorted delays and fun mini loopers will take your Black Hole DSP unit to the next level of fun.


    • MONO DELAY – Classic delay effect from the beloved Pico DSP with nasty feedback.
    • SHIMMER+ – Number 1 request from all BH DSP users. Shimmer+ is a reverb algorithm with a +12 semitone pitch shifter in the feedback path.
    • SHIMMER DRIFT – Reverb similar to Shimmer+, but with adjustable pitch shifter instead of amount setting.
    • PITCH SHIFTER – Dual pitch shifter algorithm with +12 or -12 semitone settings on each of them and crossfade between them with the Dry/Wet knob.
    • RIPPER – Digital emulation of our FusionBox vacuum tube BBD delay & overdrive unit.
    • LP FREEZER – Mini sampler/looper with low pass fillter at the end. (max sampling time is 0.5s)
    • HP FREEZER – Mini sampler/looper with hi pass filter and reverb at the end.
    • DRONE BANK – Three oscillator drone bank where input 1 and 2 works as FM inputs for the OSC 1 and 2.

    NB! To install the FX expansion ROM – before turning on the module, the patch knob has to be on its MAX level.

  • Erica Synths – Pico Quant

    , ,
    Erica Synths Pico Quant is an advanced CV quantizer with some unique features – quarter tone accuracy and a web-based interface for creating user generated scales.


    • 8 preset scales
    • Web based interface for user generated and extra preset scales
    • Microtonal quarter tone scales
    • Adjustable tolerance
    • Adjustable CV glide between notes
    • Clocked and independent quantization
  • Winter Modular – Eloquencer

    , ,

    The Eloquencer is a powerful and versatile eurorack sequencer that can be used both as a performance and a composition tool. It’s designed to be intuitive, easy to use, and quick to edit.

    It has been built around the “controlled chance” concept. This means you can decide when and where there will be randomness and how much this randomness will affect your sequences.

    It features 8 tracks of CVs and Gates in a 16 step disposition, but with the ability to define larger bar counts or chaining patterns to build multiple song parts of 256 steps each.

    Parameters like CV, Gate, Gate Length and Ratcheting can be randomized in different ways to obtain permanently evolving patterns.

    Many of the parameters can be linked to the CV inputs to give additional layers of variation.

    An OLED screen provides contextual feedback for all the parameters, and it’s also used to navigate through the menus.

  • hypoxia cover division of trust
    hypoxia cover division of trust

    Hypoxia “Division of Trust” EP – Make Noise Records


    A: “Hidden Error”
    B: “Hidden Conduct”

    Recorded in artist’s studio in Los Angeles, July, 2016.
    Instrument: Custom Make Noise System

    Division of Trust is dedicated to Virginia Pulido 1923-1995.

    Division of Trust EP is comprised of two individual live performances recorded in a single take without any multi-tracking, as with all Hypoxia recordings.
    This process is vital to the dynamics and emotional movement of the music so that each piece reflects a particular moment, even its imperfections.

  • matiere-cover-bana-haffar

    Bana Haffar “Matiere” EP – Make Noise


    A: “Endo”
    B: “Exo”

    Recorded in artist’s home in Los Angeles, January 2017.
    Instrument: Custom Make Noise System

    Tracks performed and recorded live without the use of overdubs. This was prepared for by performing the pieces several times live as two movements. Very few patch connections were changed between the tracks “Endo” and “Exo”. Both pieces use a largely identical patch, in the same key, performed in two different ways.

  • rene black_grey puffy-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore
    rene black_grey puffy-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore

    Hoodie Rene Black Puffy – Make Noise


    American Apparel California Fleece Zip Hoodie. 100% California Fleece cotton construction, matching Nylon zipper. Hooded with matching finished Polyester drawcord, Raglan sleeves, Kangaroo pocket. Puffy grey René touchplate graphic on chest, and Make Noise logo on the hood. Printed in Asheville, NC.

    Only available in size L

  • Rene Gold Hoodie-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore
    Rene Gold Hoodie-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore

    Hoodie Rene Metallic Gold – Make Noise


    American Apparel California Fleece Zip Hoodie. 100% California Fleece cotton construction, matching Nylon zipper. Hooded with matching finished Polyester drawcord, Raglan sleeves, Kangaroo pocket. René touchplate graphic on chest, and Make Noise logo on hood, in metallic gold. Printed in Asheville, NC.

    Only available in size M.

  • Black Cube Tshirt-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore
    Black Cube Tshirt Back-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore

    Synth Cube T – Make Noise


    Black t-shirt with synth cube graphic on front and Make Noise logo on back. 100% cotton. Shirt made by Bella+Canvas and printed in Asheville, NC. Graphic by Zach Smith.

    Only available in size L

  • Logo Tshirt-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore
    Logo Tshirt-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore

    Make Noise Logo T – Make Noise


    Black t-shirt with modern chalk Make Noise logo. Cotton/poly blend. Breathable soft material. Shirt made by Next Level Apparel and printed in Asheville, NC.

  • Make Noise Crew Neck-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore
    Make Noise Crew Neck-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore

    Crewneck Sweat Shirt – Make Noise


    Make Noise Chalk Logo on Alternative Apparel Eco faded black slim fit Crewneck Sweatshirt. Printed in Asheville, NC.

  • Countour-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore

    Contour – Make Noise


    Contour is a 4 Stage function generator, or ADSR, derived from our 0-COAST synthesizer. It is designed to create control voltages to drive the Dynamix, modDemix and other fast VCAs, VCFs, and more. The Contour takes inspiration from the original Loudness Contour circuit of the MiniMoog, which is perhaps the most well-known example of East Coast Synthesis. The simplified control set (where Decay adjust both the decay to Sustain and the Release) makes it quick and intuitive to set-up. The Contour module adds full voltage control, a mirrored output, End of Onset and End of Contour Gate outputs which allow it to be highly integrated into any modular synthesizer regardless of coastal allegiance.

  • Moddemix-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore

    ModDemix – Make Noise


    The modDemix features 2 identical direct-coupled balanced modulator circuits that may be used together or independently for Ring Modulation, VCA, Mixer, Signal Multiplication, Voltage Controlled Polarization, Attenuation and more.

  • Pressure Points-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore
    Pressure Points-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore

    Pressure Points – Make Noise


    Pressure Points is a controller module, an analog sequencer that is played by hand. Touching the gold plated copper wires (aka Touch Plates), you become part of the circuit, generating a gate signal (Gate OUT), a control signal proportional to the amount of pressure applied (Press OUT) and the 3 Tuned Voltages for the activated Stage.

  • Brains-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore

    Brains – Make Noise

    , ,

    BRAINS is a clocked sequential binary event machine. It is designed to be connected to one or two Pressure Points to form a 4 or 8-Step 3-channel analog sequencer. Classic synthesis control!

  • Skiff Case No Power – Make Noise


    In 2009 Tony designed the first Skiff to complement the vertically oriented cases available at the time by providing an ergonomic enclosure for our René and Pressure Points touch controllers.

    Today the Make Noise Skiff is updated to provide a smart way to build a small modular synthesizer. It is low cost, but extremely durable. The clean simple lines and matte black color place visual emphasis where the action is; the patch the artist has created.

  • Skiff With Power-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore
    Skiff With Power-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore

    Skiff Case With Power – Make Noise


    In 2009 Tony designed the first Skiff to complement the vertically oriented cases available at the time by providing an ergonomic enclosure for our René and Pressure Points touch controllers.

    Today the Make Noise Skiff provides a smart way to build a small modular synthesizer. It is low cost, but extremely durable. The clean simple lines and matte black color place visual emphasis where the action is; the patch the artist has created. At one side there is a power button and the Make Noise logo is illuminated to show the power is ON.

  • 7u Steel CV Bus Case – Make Noise


    Our 208hp 7U Steel CV Bus Case ships ready to use. Just add modules, patch cables, and inspiration. The powder-coated steel construction is 2 lbs. lighter than our wood Shared System case without compromising mechanical durability. The sleek matte black finish was selected to match our line of Black & Gold modules, and it looks great with just about any module installed. This finish will show the story of your modular synth’s travels over the years.

  • Cartesian-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore

    Black & Gold System Cartesian – Make Noise


    A complete modular synth that travels to ALL COASTs and puts the René Cartesian Sequencer to fantastic use along the way. This system is capable of Subtractive Synthesis, Additive Synthesis, FM Synthesis, Phase Modulation Synthesis, Ring Modulation, Amplitude Modulation and more… often simultaneously.

  • bgss+-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore

    Black & Gold Shared System Plus – Make Noise


    The Shared System re-made in Black & Gold w/ the Erbe-Verb, Morphagene, TEMPI, and CV Bus added in a steel case with the Make Noise logo. The personal favorite system of Make Noise founder Tony Rolando, this collection of modules is utilized by all artists for the Make Noise Records Shared System Series. It was also utilized by both Alessandro Cortini and Richard Devine for their performances at the 2012 Make Noise Opening party. The Shared System is the deepest and most complex of our systems bringing together all of our synthesis techniques into one system. From analog FM to voltage controlled granularization, the Shared System will go to more sound destinations than most folks have time to travel to in a single lifetime.

    The CV Bus was originally designed for Alessandro Cortini’s personal Make Noise system. It provides visual indication of level, rate and polarity for up to 4 control signals that will be shared throughout a patch. These 4 control signals are color coded and distributed across the center of the system allowing for quick, clean and intuitive patching. The distribution method is unlike the typical multiple since the control signals will appear beneath their possible destinations allowing for the use of shorter patch cables. The color coding and visual indication makes navigating complex patches easier and more intuitive. Typically, the CV Bus would be used to share the most important control signals in a patch such as your Master Clock.

    (read more below…)

  • 0 Coast-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore
    0 Coast-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore

    O-Coast – Make Noise


    The 0-COAST is a single voice patchable synthesizer. Its name reflects the fact that it utilizes techniques from both the Moog and Buchla paradigms (aka “East Coast,” and “West Coast,” due to their locations), but is loyal to neither and thus implements “no coast synthesis.”

    While the 0-COAST utilizes classic modular synthesis techniques, we designed it to operate with or without the use of patch cables. The necessary connections have been made from circuit to circuit so it operates as an expressive, musical MonoSynth. Using only the MIDI controller of your choice you could apply new timbres to your existing musical forms!

    Using the included Patch Cables you could get more scientific, experimenting with new ways to wire up the circuits. You might even forgo MIDI altogether, disappearing into a cloud of analog FM induced Sidebands and harmonics scattered around a single fundamental drone that has nothing to do with any form of music you’ve ever known.

  • Mult-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore

    Mult – Make Noise


    The Multiple is a simple but important module that allows for sending a signal to multiple destinations. Within the Make Noise system the Multiple may also be used for combining clock, gate and pulse signals together to create interesting timing sources (in other words, it acts as a Gate combiner aka logic OR circuit). It has 9 inter-connected sockets that may be split into different group combinations depending upon how it is patched. The jacks circled in white will make or break the interconnects between the 3 groups of three, thus allowing for three 3-way, one 5-way/ one 3-way or one 7-way multiple. The Multiple is passive, because the Make Noise system does not require Buffered Multiples since all critical control signals are already buffered in such a way as to provide a large fan-out capability.

  • Dynamix-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore

    DynaMix – Make Noise


    DynaMix is a fast two-channel Low Pass Gate, dynamics manager and mixer, the core of which is derived from our 0-COAST synthesizer. The LEVEL parameter provides simultaneous voltage control over the Amplitude and Frequency content of audio signals, operating as a VCF/A. The DYNMC parameter allows for using audio as a control voltage. It accepts audio signals and converts them into a signal that may increase or decrease the LEVEL parameter thus allowing for side-chaining and ducking. The summing section is complete with an AUXiliary INput allowing for the chaining of multiple MIX units (modDemix, Optomix and RxMx modules) to create large, non-centralized mixes.

  • Tempi-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore

    Tempi – Make Noise


    TEMPI is a 6 CHannel, polyphonic time-shifting clock module. It provides an intuitive method for creation and recall of complex clocking arrangements within a modular synthesizer system. Using HUMAN and/ or MACHINE programming you could re-create most classic Clock Divider and Multiplier arrangements and then continue on to create new ones. Store up to 64 for later recall and Select them using control signals from within your system or the Select Bus.

  • Erbe-Verb-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore

    Erbe-Verb – Make Noise


    The Erbe-Verb is more than a collection of reverb algorithms or presets, it is a unique, modeless, continuously variable reverb algorithm with complete voltage control. Typical reverb types such as plate, room, hall, shimmer and others may be programmed by adjusting the knobs. The continuously variable algorithm allows for hybrid and unreal spaces to be found. Traveling between spaces is possible by modulating the algorithm or manually sweeping parameters. More than an end-of-chain effects unit, it’s a whole new building block for modular synthesis. Like the Echophon, it’s coded by Tom Erbe of soundhack.

  • LXD-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore

    LXD – Make Noise


    The LxD, Low Strike Duo, is a dual-response, two channel, direct-coupled, Low Pass Gate, which utilizes vactrols in order to provide simultaneous control over the Amplitude and Frequency Spectrum of an INput Signal. It is, in essence, a VCFA (Voltage Controlled Filter Amplifier). Unlike the Optomix, the LxD offers two different filter responses. CH. 1 offers a 12db/Octave response that is mildly-resonant, while CH. 2 offers a 6bd/Octave that is non-resonant. The OUTput of CH. 1 is normalled to the INput of CH. 2. This normalization puts the two channels in series, which is similar to the VCF into VCA arrangement made popular by many monosynths of the 1970s.

  • Telharmonic-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore

    tELHARMONIC – Make Noise


    The tELHARMONIC is a Multi-Voice, Multi-Algorithm synthesizer module named for the music hall considered by some to be the location of the first electronic music concerts. It was coded by Tom Erbe with the goal of presenting three historically important pioneering electronic tone generation techniques less often implemented within the modular synthesizer.

    The tELHARMONIC’s roots go back further than the advent of electronic music, as it also takes a new approach to handling music theory in the modular context. TONIC, INTERVAL, DEGREE and D-GATE, allow for patch-programming of complex chord progressions, scales, melodies and playing styles. This Voltage Controlled Music Theory guides the Algorithms in a unified way, whereas CENTROID, FLUX and H-LOCK sculpt the timbre of each Algorithm uniquely, allowing for complex sounds to be created around a unified melodic structure and pattern.

  • Wogglebug-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore

    Wogglebug – Make Noise


    The “WoggleBug” is a random voltage generator, originally designed by Grant Richter of Wiard Synthesizers. It is a continuation of the “smooth” and “stepped” fluctuating random voltage sources pioneered by Don Buchla within the Model 265 “Source of Uncertainty,” expanding it to include the other-worldly Woggle CVs (stepped voltages with decaying sinusoids edges). The Wogglebug is a very musical random voltage generator where it is possible to synchronize all random signal to a Master Clock. Guaranteed to unleash your synthesizer’s ID MONSTER!

  • Maths-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore

    Maths – Make Noise


    MATHS is an analog computer designed for musical purposes.

  • Morphagene-makenoisemusic-analogcouple-webstore

    Morphagene – Make Noise


    The Morphagene is a next generation tape and microsound music module that uses Reels, Splices and Genes to create new sounds from those that already exist. Search between the notes to find the unfound sounds.

    A few of the Morphagene’s most basic uses: Splice recorded audio and jumble it using ORGANIZE. Manipulate playback speed and direction with Vari-Speed. Granularize with Gene-Size and Slide. Layer or Stagger Genes using MORPH. Undertake iterative music processes by recording manipulations and overdubs into new Splices, like having two machines (one for Playback and modulations, one for Record). Process sound in real time using Time Lag Accumulation. Utilize envelope following CV OUT and EOSG Trigger to engage Morphagene in conversation with the rest of your modular system. Stretch and squash sound with Clock input.

  • Mutant Hihats-hexinverter-analogcouple-webstore
    Mutant Hihats-hexinverter-analogcouple-webstore

    Mutant Hihats – Hexinverter Électronique


    dual analog hihats (open+closed)

    A classic electro percussion synthesis design reborn as something completely different.

    We wanted to recreate a classic hihat synthesis design as something new and exciting, so, we took the super electro 808 circuit and transformed it into a powerful creative tool for modular synthesis!

  • Mutant Clap Front-hexinverter-analogcouple-webstore
    Mutant Clap Back-hexinverter-analogcouple-webstore

    Mutant Clap – Hexinverter Électronique


    analog hand-clap percussion generator

    The TR-909’s clap featured one control the user could adjust: volume. That was not okay with us.

    I’m a huge fan of house music. I love the 909 clap. So this is a module I agonised over features I wanted it to have for a long time. And here it is. I hope you find it as useful as I do!

  • Mutant Snare-hexinverter-analogcouple-webstore
    Mutant Snare-hexinverter-analogcouple-webstore

    Mutant Snare – Hexinverter Électronique


    analog snare drum synthesis with external input

    From classic electro snares to warping, alien percussion, the Mutant Snare is a radical departure from the static sounds of the 808!

  • Mutant Bassdrum-hexinverter-analogcouplewebstore
    Mutant Bassdrum-hexinverter-analogcouplewebstore

    Mutant Bassdrum – Hexinverter Électronique


    analog bassdrum & voltage-controlled distortion


  • BD9-hexinverter-analogcouple-webstore

    Mutant BD9 – Hexinverter Électronique


    analog bassdrum synthesis with sub-oscillator

    Not just another clone or continuation of the 808-esque, acid-style kicks of the Mutant Bassdrum – the Mutant BD9 seeks to explore uncharted bassdrum territory by having an integrated sub-oscillator for maximal auditory obliteration.


  • dubbelfilm_moonstruckKono Reanimated Film-4analogcouple

    Dubbefilm Moonstruck Edition

    Reanimated with a unique colour tone that produces exceptional
    and unconventional colours. As shooting conditions vary so will the effect.

    -Colour negative film 35mm

    -24 exposure

    -C-41 process.

    Any mini-lab will be able to process and scan dubble film!

    Powered by KONO!
  • dubbelfilm_sunstrokeKono Reanimated Film-3_analog_couple

    Dubbefilm Sunstroke Edition


    Reanimated with light leaks. An effect you only get when a faulty camera allows light to burn the film the effect is truly unpredictable, serendipitous and often very beautiful.

    -Colour negative film 35mm

    -24 exposure

    -C-41 process

    Any mini-lab will be able to process and scan dubble film!

    Powered by KONO!
  • Donau ISO 6 (Single Pack) – Kono! Reanimated Film


    The KONO! Donau is an extremely blue and ultra slow color negative film with a speed around ISO 6. The perfect film for long exposure photography in the daytime, extremely long exposures in the evening or at night and last but not least for your light painting adventures!

    – Ultra slow film, based on material used in post-production
    – Prepared for standard color film processing C41
    – 35 mm, approx. ISO 6
    – Hand rolled & hand packed, each roll is unique
    – Rolled into recycled film cartridges
    – Package content: 1 cartridge of film, 24 exposures

  • Rotwild ISO 400 (Single Pack) – Kono! Reanimated Film


    The ROTWILD 400 creates intense tints, ranging from yellow to deep red.

    – Color Negative Effect Film, based on motion picture film stock
    – Prepared for standard color film processing C41
    – 35 mm, ISO 400
    – Hand rolled & hand packed, each roll is unique
    – Rolled into recycled film cartridges
    – Package content: 1 cartridge of film, 24 exposures