µScale II – Intellijel

µScale II – Intellijel


Intelligent Quantizer and Interval Generator

Make Anything Musical

Your modular system is capable of generating complex, fluid and interesting voltages. Use the µScale to transform these voltages into musical pitches to control your oscillators and other sound sources. Modulate the results to introduce musical changes and patterns. Experience the magic of turning chaos into harmonious tones.

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Dually Noted

This is a highly versatile and musical device for creating interesting, beautiful and harmonious riffs from just about any CV source.


  1. Can store 12 scales in 12 banks for a total of 144 different user scales.
  2. 12 buttons with matching dual color leds for selecting scale notes in real time (and visual feedback of quantizing).
  3. 16bit super low INL error TI DAC which translates to +/-0.0005V accuracy for pitch CV.
  4. Processes 0-10v (as 1v/oct) in the IN input.
  5. Accepts 0-10v or ±5v on the SHIFT input (jumper selectable) for a shift range of ±12semitones or ±12 scale degrees.
  6. Two 0-10v outputs (A and B) with 1v/oct scaling.
  7. Output B is a user selectable interval based on the root note on output A. this interval can be chromatic (fixed semitones) or diatonic (interval is within the current scale and the value is based on scale degrees). this interval can be a bipolar value of ±12.
  8. SHIFT has user selectable destinations and modes of where shifting occurs: before scaling, in scale (diatonic) or post scale (key shifting).
  9. Special ‘scale shift” mode allows the SHIFT input to select scales from the current bank (so 12 scales can be selected by CV).
  10. Skiff friendly depth
  11. uni/bipolar SHIFT CV switch added to the panel.

Specs + Downloads

Width 6HP
Depth 24mm
Power 60mA @ 12V
7mA @ -12V
Manual Manual (2018.02.18)



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