Buff Mult – Intellijel

Buff Mult – Intellijel


Buffered Multiple

Mighty Multiplier

Multiply one audio/CV signal into six perfect copies or two signals into two sets of three. Multiply your sequencer out to multiple oscillators and send a third copy to your favorite modulation input.

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Turn one audio or CV signal into six copies, or two signals into two sets of three. This is very useful when setting up all kinds of patches where you want to send a signal source to multiple destinations simultaneously.


  1. Top section normalled to bottom section. This means that one audio or CV signal can be duplicated six times, or two separate signals can each be multiplied three times.
  2. Active buffered design ensures that voltage accuracy is maintained from an input to all outputs, and that they are electronically isolated from faults or shorts.
  3. Slim 2HP footprint

Specs + Downloads

Width 2HP
Depth 39mm
Power 4mA @ 12V
17mA @ -12V
Manual Manual (2018.03.26)
Firmware No Firmware



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