µFold II – Intellijel

µFold II – Intellijel


Wavefolder / Wave Shaper for CV and Audio

Into the Fold

Traditional subtractive synthesis starts with a complex waveform and then filters it down. A wavefolder allows for the opposite: start with simple waveforms and then fold it over itself to create extremely rich and complex timbres. Animate the fold and symmetry controls with CV to add even more life and movement to the sounds.

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Smooth To Spikey

Wavefolding is a technique for reshaping waveforms that (as its name implies) actually folds a wave’s peaks back toward center whenever those peaks exceed a certain threshold. Unlike a typical distortion circuit that simply clips any waveform that exceeds some threshold (resulting in increasingly harsh and uniform timbres), wavefolding creates all manner of complex waveshapes with rich, subtle, intertwined harmonics. The addition of CV over the folding parameters yields a shifting, otherworldly sweep of sonic texture that is both musical and unique.


  1. Fold control with a CV input and dedicated attenuator.
  2. Thru-zero symmetry control with a bipolar CV input and dedicated attenuator.
  3. Stages switch to select 2, 4 or 6 stages of folding.
  4. Trimmer on back to set the maximum drive amount in order to limit the range of the timbre shaping to a more subtle amount if needed.
  5. DC-coupled inputs so you can also feed CV to be folded.

The µFold is a collaborative design with David G. Dixon.

We looked very closely at some of the most loved timbre shaping circuits in classic synth modules — analyzing not just their electrical implementations, but also how they sounded and how efficiently they operated. µFold is an amalgamation of our knowledge and research, and is designed to produce a wide range of timbres while utilizing the most versatile and intuitive set of controls.

Combining a µFold with one of the Intellijel Dixie and Rubicon oscillators enables you to achieve the extremely rich palette of sounds normally associated with complex oscillators, but with far greater flexibility and sonic depth. Add a filter, such as the Polaris or Morgasmatron, and you’ll unleash some serious analog mayhem.

Specs + Downloads

Width 6HP
Depth 29mm
Power 28mA @ 12V
27mA @ -12V
Manual Manual (2018.05.16)
Firmware No Firmware



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