USB Power 1U – Intellijel

USB Power 1U – Intellijel


USB Socket for Charging/Powering Peripheral Devices

More Power To You

Convenient USB power source for your handy peripherals. Whether it’s an LED Light or a small desktop synth, this jack provides 1A of power from an Intellijel power supply to an attached USB device.

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Juice Box

This tiny module connects (via the supplied two-pin cable) to the +5V bus on the Intellijel TPS series busboard, bringing a handy USB A connector to the 1U row in your Intellijel case, and giving you 1 amp of USB juice, which is suitable for powering many external musical devices, lamps, fans, etc.

(NOTE: This module is not compatible with iPhones and their ilk).


  • Provides 1A of power for USB peripherals via USB A connection.
  • Uses a 2-pin header so it does not take up a regular module header.

Specs + Downloads

Width 4HP
Depth 18mm
Power 1A max @ 5V



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